My Facilities


I have my own personal gym in Dalkeith. It is exclusively mine to use so if you feel shy or uncomfortable with going to a busy commercial gym – rest assured, you will be the only person in the gym. No matter what age, size, fitness level you are I will do my best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and guide you step by step through proper equipment use, correct exercise routines and make it a fun exciting experience.

The gym has free parking. It is fully equipped with cardio vascular and weight training equipment.

As a busy mum to a toddler myself I know that sometimes childcare isn’t always available so the gym is equipped with everything you need to keep your little ones busy should you need to bring them with you; playpen for them to safely play in, TV with cartoons & educational programs, toys, books, puzzles, Wi-Fi, bouncy chair for the littlest ones or you can even have a shot of a baby carrier if your baby wants to stay close to you during training (we can find a safe, fun & challenging way for you to exercise even with your little one close to you.