Amy Macaskill

Amy is a twenty four year old from Inverness. During her childhood and teens she always maintained a slim figure without following a particular diet or exercise program. In her early twenties her metabolism slowed down and weight started to creep on. Although not fat, she had allowed herself to become a little bit chubby. Hardly surprising as she was eating a normal modern diet of processed foods and high carbs. This was particularly stressful for Amy as she is a part time Glamour Model and the extra pounds were becoming noticeable and there is only so much a photographer can do to hide them. The turning point for Amy was when she showed up for a photoshoot and the photographer said “Oooh, I don’t know if these outfits will fit you as I thought you were smaller”. This is when she contacted Kristina through Glam Fitness and it changed her life. She started following the Glam Fitness Training and Diet Plan. Within three months she had her teenage figure back. She regained her confidence and glow and now continues to model with a toned physique.